We at Tata AIG have a performance based culture. Your career progression is determined by your experiences, your interests and the results you deliver.

We believe in driving a culture that gives you room to achieve, to grow and to seek new opportunities. We also seek to be the most innovative, the most tenacious in opening new markets and the most creative in developing new products and offering state-of-the-art services to clients, brokers and agents around the world. Indeed, our pace and result-orientation defines us in the marketplace.

Culture@ Tata AIG enables its employees to collaborate with people and draw from experience around the country. Tata AIG not only enables you to work with dynamic people, but also enables you to keep a healthy work-life balance. You will find the time and the organizational encouragement to enhance your interests and share them with others. Surrounded by smart, resourceful people, you will notice positive-ness in the atmosphere. Tata AIG employees actively contribute to various community-based initiatives and you can be a socially responsible citizen through our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme.

Over just 14 years in India, a young and fun loving Tata AIG has invested in people, culture, values, training and systems & processes to chart a pioneering course for success. It makes us the ideal organization to grow a career with.

Come to Tata AIG, build your own road to success.